Why are your cakes more expensive than a regular bakery?

Everything we do is made by hand; the labor on our product is much higher than the average bakery. In addition, every cake we make for you is made from the freshest ingredients available. We don’t simply open a bucket and fill your cakes with filling. Everything is diligently made from scratch for the highest quality and flavor possible. Our clients understand the time and effort that goes into making an edible work of art. Anything less would diminish the quality of our work.

Can I taste more than 2 flavors?

We custom bake each cake for tastings and therefore have to limit the selections. Tasting two flavors will give you a good idea of the quality of our products. More than 2 flavors tend to overwhelm the palate. If you still desire more than 2 flavors, we will happily bake additional flavors for you at an additional charge of $10 per flavor in addition to your regular consultation fee.

How far in advance should I schedule my tasting?

We ask that you give a 2 days notice when changing your consultation. We will be happy to reschedule your tasting at no additional cost.

What if I have to change my scheduled tasting?

We ask that you give 2 days’ notice when changing your consultation. We will be happy to reschedule your tasting at no additional cost.

Who should I bring to my tasting?

We ask that no more than 4 people attend your tasting. Too many opinions can be overwhelming and make your decision more challenging.

Can I bring you a picture of a cake I like and have your replicate it?

We respect the time and work that goes into creating the cakes seen in magazines and the web sites of other chefs and bakers. We will gladly use your picture as inspiration for the basic design of your cake and give you a stunning representation while still making your cake a one of a kind creation!.

Do you ship cakes?

We do not ship cakes as they are extremely fragile and ensuring they arrive intact is not guaranteed.

Can I change the fillings on my cake?

Substitutions can be made. We require one week’s notice prior to your event for changes in flavor.

Can you do sheet cakes with my wedding cake?

Sheet cakes are not a service we provide. If your guest list is larger than 350 we will make separate cakes for the convenience of cutting in the back of the house. The additional rounds will be filled and iced and charged per slice at a reduced rate.